About Us

Well hello there! If you have come this far to find more about us, it says two things – one, you aren’t stalking us but genuinely want to know about what Bagicha is and why was it created; second, you are as excited about having organic and natural food on your plate as we are.

We are Team Bagicha and we sincerely believe you are doing well and remain healthy and safe with your family and loved ones. Corona has clearly altered free human will and the choices we once thought were non-negotiable – where to go for vacation, what to wear, where to go shopping, whom to meet, and what to eat! (what to eat, we will come to that later)

Friends, relatives, hugs and kisses, hand-shakes, family outings, movie theaters, fun and frolic have all suddenly vanished and given way to masks, gloves, isolation, distances, and the fear…the fear of unknown, the fear of what if I get infected or even worse – what if my loved ones get infected due to me?

To be honest, we are as vulnerable and confused as you are. But we also know for a fact that Corona has also posed a question and perhaps a time to rethink about ourselves – is our lifestyle sustainable? are we putting enough nutrition and immunity in our bodies that sustains life? are children, pregnant women, and elderlies eating healthy and natural?

We realized that the staples and vegetables that we order and consume every month from the kirana or the supermarket is heavily processed, laden with harmful chemicals, and lack proper nutrition which makes our body, weak and low on immunity. It becomes all the more important during the COVID times that we provide our beloved family with natural and organic food so that they remain healthy, happy, and high on immunity. That was our Eureka moment and the idea of Bagicha – a store that provides A to Z of natural and certified organic products, came to being.

Approximately 2000 years ago, Chanakya wrote – दीपो भक्षयते ध्वान्तं कज्जलं च प्रसूयते | यदन्नं भक्षयेन्नित्यं जायते तादृशी प्रजा || which translates to – just the way a lamp eats darkness and gives away black soot, likewise whatever the humans eat, they become/produce the same. We have created Bagicha for you with the same philosophy at the heart of it i.e. to provide healthy, natural, and organic food as a solution to enable a healthier living for individuals, households, societies, and the nation at large.

Powered by the thought of bringing the best of what nature can provide at the convenience of your doorstep, be it your monthly supply of your natural, organic, and affordable grocery and vegetables; we have brought Bagicha at the heart of your society and neighborhood to make it – Organically Yours!