Usage of Mustard Oil shares the fate of a broken trust. With changing time our oil changed leading to many diseases and unhealthy life style. Thanks to paid media and paid news which promoted refined oils, imported brands and what not!! Mustard Oil consumption has a rich heritage and tradition involved with it and it's the oil of our culture from ancient times which suits our cooking style, our food and our culture. Mustard oil stimulates the appetite by increasing salivation by up to eight times. Mustard oil still remains the best oil for cooking with its high smoking point, and always will be with its balanced nutrition profile and if it's Organic; it's an added advantage. Our Kacchi Ghani processed Organic filtered mustard Oil is far better than a solvent extracted refined oils. It has distinctive pungent taste which imparts its goodness to the food we cook in it.

Mustard Oil - Natureland Organics - 1 L